Interview 7: Real Estate Development Business

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Sumitomo Corporation traces its roots to 1919, when Osaka Hokko Kaisha Ltd. was established to undertake land reclamation project in large-scale coastal industrial zone. This project has already become one of the fundamental social infrastructures in Japan's Kansai economic circle. Growing and thriving on real estate business, Sumitomo Corporation has considered it as one of its core businesses all along. Sumitomo entered the Chinese market and has been committed to real estate development for almost 10 years. Here we have the honor to interview GM Tohriyama Yoshihiro, and Zhai Fei in Development Planning Department, China Living Essentials Business Unit, Sumitomo Corporation, to introduce us to its real estate development business in China.

Sogo Shosha (Integrated trading company) with over 90-year real estate
development operation experience

Tohriyama at workTohriyama Yoshihiro, thin in figure and refined in conversation, joined Sogo Shosha in 1990 and was transferred to work in Shanghai, China in 2010. He has been devoted to real estate development business for 22 years. He told us that Sumitomo Corporation had started from real estate business and was dedicated to large-scale holistic development business centering in office building and commercial facility leasing and operational business, residential development as well as wholesale business. Sumitomo Corporation has accumulated rich experience in developing "CLASSY HOUSE" –a domestic apartment brand in Japan and received high acclaim. Renowned as a "fist enterprise" with more than 90-year experience in real estate industry, Sumitomo Corporation sets strict management standards on projects, paying great attention to details and quality. "It is much easier to found a real estate development company than to run it over a long period. So far, Sumitomo Corporation has been one of the four surviving companies of its kind established in the same period."Tohriyama said with great pride, "We have been well received in property management and operations."

Tsujido project in Shonan, Japan Classy House in Takanawa (Tokyo metropolitan area)

Commitment to high-quality real estate project development in China

"With the gradual opening of Chinese real estate market in 1998, Sumitomo Corporation began its project investigation in 2003, and officially launched real estate projects in China in 2005. Chinese real estate market is still in youth, with much to be desired in quality. We hope to make the best of our rich experience and technology in real estate development so that we can bring high-quality apartments to China."As the general manager of Development Planning Department, Tohriyama has a dream that his dedicated work will go down to posterity.

Zhai Fei in Development Planning Dept. "Sumitomo Corporation mainly excels in interior decoration, efficient use of total areas and exterior beautification, such as proper virescence layout, etc."Tohriyama spoke with particular emphasis, "we are not applying mechanically Japanese development experience to Chinese real estate projects. Rather, we seek after apartments designs that go with Chinese people's way of living."

Furthermore, Sumitomo Corporation also makes good use of model rooms to demonstrate what is better and more real houses. "Unlike many luxurious model rooms, the model rooms we present are simple, beautiful, more close to life. At first sight of them, people have an itch to reside in."

Nagatsuyu in Development Planning Dept. Since its first project investigation in 2003, Sumitomo Corporation has successively developed "LuMino Garden"in Xinzhuang, Shanghai, China and "Oriental Fontana Garden"in Jiading, Shanghai, China. The former has been sold out while the latter has sold seventy percent of the whole. There is no denying that the projects have been well received.

Zhai Fei, Nagatsuyu and other three colleagues in the same department worked together to develop "LuMino Garden", "Oriental Fontana Garden". Zhai Fei, a cheerful girl with appealing smile, was transferred from the retail business to Development Planning Dept. She said:"It feels like you are building your own life when you throw yourself in the construction of houses."

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