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Lastest Information

Sumitomo Corporation China Group

Establishment of the Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship for Exchange Students in China

Sumitomo Corporation (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; president: Kuniharu Nakamura) has launched the Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship for Exchange Student to support Chinese university students to study in Japan (hereinafter referred to as "the New Scholarship Program"). The decision to launch the program arose out of a review of the former Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program, which targeted to the students who attend Chinese universities. Under the New Scholarship Program, eight Chinese students, who have been selected to be the first recipients of the scholarship, will soon start studying in Japan.

Sumitomo Corpration has long been supporting the development of the next generation of human resources as a priority area in its social contribution activities. It founded the Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program in 1996 as part of its 50th anniversary in the trading business. In response to requests from various countries, regions and universities, the program has been gradually expanded to cover a greater number of universities, with scholarships now granted to around 1,000 students from universities in 11 countries across Asia each year. Chinese students have been included in the support target since the launch of the program in 1996, but in light of the remarkable economic development achieved by the country in recent years, Sumitomo Corporation deemed it important to further enhance private sector exchanges between Japan and China and to establish a strong foundation to foster bilateral friendship. With a view to developing global leaders who can contribute to achieving this target, the company has established the New Scholarship Program.

The New Scholarship Program targets Chinese university students who will attend Japanese universities as exchange students. Through the program, Sumitomo Corporation will provide funding to the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (address: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; president Masayuki Inoue), which will give monthly stipends of 100,000 yen for a period of one year to each of the Chinese students selected under the Sumitomo's name. Such stipends will be used to cover the students' living expenses while in Japan. In addition, Sumitomo Corporation (China) Group companies will pay the students' outbound and inbound travel costs between the two countries. Chinese employees of Sumitomo Corporation (China) Holding, who have studied in Japan, will moreover give the selected students advice about studying and living in Japan during interview sessions conducted before the students depart their homeland. Sumitomo Corporation will also provide the students studying in Japan with an opportunity to receive training at head office to help broaden their view.

Sumitomo Corporation expects that the students will deepen their understanding of Japan, make friends with Japanese people, and serve as a bridge for Japan-China friendship toward the future as a result of studying at Japanese universities, making exchanges with local communities, and receiving training at the company during the year. In the next fiscal year onwards, the annual number of students who receive support under the New Scholarship Program will be increased to about 10.