About the management of personal information related to this website

Privacy Policy

This website (sumitomocorpchina.com.cn) is fully aware of the importance to secure personal information so personal information will be protected according to the following terms. Sumitomo Corporation (China) Holding LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Sumitomo") has no liability for the protection of personal information on any third-party website accessed through any third-party link. To the protection of personal information on a third-party website, please check the Privacy Policy of the corresponding website.

  1. We shall collect our customers' information or our web users' information only if necessary. Information above mentioned shall solely be collected with respect to inquires received from our customers or web users, or purposes of recordation of this website. Without your prior consent, we will not use the personal information for any other purposes.
  2. We shall never provide personal information to any third party without obtaining prior consent from our customers or web users. Unless (1) required by laws, regulations, government order or verdict, decree ruled by corresponding court; (2) required by entrusted units who has signed a confidential agreement in advance aimed to undertake our website operation or consulting business.
  3. We ensure that all personal information remains in correct and latest form. We shall endeavor to prevent from the illegal access, loss, damage, tampering, or leak of Personal Information.
  4. When Sumitomo entrusts a third party to manage customers' or web users' information, we shall prohibit this third party from leaking or providing personal information to other parties through concluding a contract to enforce the proper control over personal information.
  5. Sumitomo shall conduct training to relevant personnel in order to strengthen the awareness of personal information protection.
  6. Sumitomo shall adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and standards regarding personal information management. In the meantime, Sumitomo shall revaluation and improve such above mentioned laws and regulations.
  7. When customers or users visit this website, the login history will be recorded automatically for the purpose of improving usability of this website through the service condition statistics, Personal information of users shall not be recording.
  8. Cookie Technology has been used on this website. Cookie Technology means that data is sent from the web server to the user's browser through using comparable data to recognize the computer instead of collecting user Personal Information. Furthermore, users can turn off cookies by changing their browser settings.